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Workshops and resources for women over 50

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About LifeSort:

Chris and Liz have an amazing process for helping you leverage your strength and passions to create an exciting, new life plan. This workshop is perfect for any woman in search of focus and meaning in her life.

- Jean, Chicago


It's a way to focus on the positive aspects of yourself in order to more easily make any changes you want to make in your life.

- Kathy, River Forest, IL


A very valuable experience for women at any of the "crossroads" of mid-life: changes in career, relationships, health, etc. It helps one focus on how best to handle all these changes and where to start!

- Maureen, Glen Ellyn, IL


In no time at all I felt like I had a whole new crew of girlfriends...girlfriends with new insights and no preconceived notions about me.

- Mary, Naperville, IL


I found it to be a great catalyst for me, helping me gain clarity and move to action on several issues I've been struggling with.

- Linda, Chicago

About LifeStyle:

A fun workshop in tweaking your wardrobe to make you look more stylish, finding a better fit of clothes with items that are comfortable and to your taste

- Janice, Chicago


It gave me new eyes for my closet! Now I know why I love some of my clothes and don't like others.

- Liz, Oak Park, IL


I always ask myself 'What would Julie say?' before buying something. It's revolutionized how I shop!

- Margaret, Wheaton, IL

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