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It’s About Time.

What have you noticed about the passing of time these days? In my research with women as they age, the word “urgent/urgency” kept cropping up.

Jennifer at 56 said, “I feel an urgency to keep doing and staying flexible mentally, whether it’s learning something new or just letting go of stuff around the house.” Pat at 62 said, “Time is no longer unlimited. I’m ignoring some things, but know it’s urgent that I finish others.”

I remember just a few years ago, sitting in corporate meetings, no longer active in the never-ending game of who can talk the longest/most buzzwords/sound the smartest. Instead I sat there stewing about how they’re wasting my life. How I could be doing something – ANYTHING – that would contribute to society more than whatever the topic of discussion. Even if I was just surfing the net or practicing Italian.

I came across this thought-provoking article on from April 30 about how we perceive time.  It talks about research that’s been done, but I was most intrigued by the following paragraph.

            We experience nearly the same throughout our life. Remember, being small children, we perceived every day as a year because each day was  full of new knowledge and experiences. Adults are more familiar with the world as a whole, they do not consider it so unusual, and so they receive much less new experience. That is why the older we get, the faster the days go by. Therefore, filling our lives with new experiences, we can slow the time down.

What a great reason to travel, for lifelong learning, for going to that new Peruvian restaurant, for just talking to new people…to slow down time. I hope you’ve learned a bit, slowed down time and put the right things on your “urgent” list. And “staying flexible mentally” is one of those things, Jennifer!, April 30, 2014

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