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Small Steps or Giant Changes?

As we’re supposedly changing our behavior with our New Year’s resolutions, do you find small steps, like “not eating chips” or “going to the gym more often”, work best? Or do you need giant changes like a commitment to Weight Watchers or  signing up for personal trainer sessions?

In every focus group I’ve ever watched behind the mirror, women always opt for making small steps, making little simple changes in their daily lives to work toward change. But for me, I’ve always required that both-feet-in dive into change. How many people quit smoking by “cutting back”? I went cold turkey and with a dinner bet with a handsome man.

Or the concept of decluttering your house, 15 minutes at a time. They haven’t seen my house. 15 minutes would be just enough to pull out more crap from the bottom of the closet or the shelf under the computer. I need shovels and a dumpster. Or maybe I just need to move.

I’m a star at Weight Watcher meetings because I really follow the program and have become somewhat of a Points nazi. As long as it’s working and I’m amused by it, I’ll keep losing. But can I stay committed when it’s no longer amusing and novel? Or do I need that “change fix” to keep me motivated?

Kudos if you can make those small steps lead to the changes you need. But I’ll stay with the giant leaps — and hope the all the necessary small changes happen along the way!

I’d love to hear your approach — small or giant — and why these work for you. Just comment.


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