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NEEDED: 10 women to try mascara. Free!

Is anyone else flummoxed when selecting mascara? I must have 8 tubes in various cosmetic bags and on the bathroom counter – and I still can’t find one I like. Some cake and flake. Others give me WAY more flirtatious lashes than I need to go to Panera for lunch. And I’ve had it with clumping.

I’ve found as I’ve gotten older, I look a bit overdone with my regular make-up routine (yes, that I started probably after a Mary Kay makeover in 1978!). So I’ve cut back on the eyeliner, added eyebrow pencil (where DID my eyebrows go?) and rely on simple neutral eye shadow and mascara to look alive. Except I can’t find a good mascara at a decent price.

So ladies – TRY 4 MASCARAS FOR FREE! Send me your name, where you shop and a paragraph on what you look for in a mascara and, if you’re one of the first 10 to reply, I’ll write back asking for your address to send you a gift card and the brands I’d like you to try. And you’ll also need to complete a questionnaire and take a few photos so we can decide which mascaras really are the best.

Help your sisters in the ongoing fight for great eyes! And have some fun doing it. Reply to me at And if you have a favorite mascara brand you can’t live without, let me know that, too, so we can include it in our research.

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