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It’s Not All Sunsets and Golf Carts

Are you fed up with the image of how we’re expected to age? Walking on the beach, hand-in-hand with the partner of our dreams, heading to the golf course where we meet another smiling couple, ready to hand us a tall, cool glass of iced tea? Or dancing into the night, remembering to throw your head back in joyous laughter?

If that’s not your life (it’s sure not mine!), please read the latest from Carol Orsborn, Ph.D. She takes AARP to task for their Pollyanna views of aging in the most recent issue of their magazine. And this viewpoint is SO REFRESHING!

Sadly, I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt guilty when getting a hip replaced because I was showing the world that 63 year olds all can’t dance! Or feel left out because I’m not planning a major trip this year because I don’t have the money. Or sometimes want to hide because I don’t look like a Chico model and am looking for clothes that don’t look bad around a plus size butt!

Aging is not for the timid (said either in a Hallmark card or by Dorothy Parker or some other clever wit). Those “senior moments” are real. So is that alien face in the mirror. And those blood pressure numbers. And hearing issues. There is loss and we’ll be faced with tough decisions.

What Dr.Orsborn is fighting for is our ability – our choice – to face aging and embrace the humanness of the experience. I encourage you to read her blog or pick up her book or visit her website, Fierce With Age.

In the meantime, appreciate your aging wisdom by visiting or calling a friend who you’ve been thinking of, and having a really good laugh together! That’s what good aging is all about!

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