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Today’s “Social Skills”

Remember when “social skills” meant knowing what fork to use for your salad and how to write a thoughtful “thank you” note? I never got the note down but have always been great at anything to do with eating!

Now when you think about “social skills”, “friending” on Facebook, referring people on Linked In and “pinning” on Pinterest are more what comes to mind. “Social” is about “social media”, that fast-paced, throwaway communication that’s like a whole new language for many of us who grew up in the days of carbon paper and mimeograph machines. (Remember purple “dittoed” sheets?)

What I love about social media:

— how we can be in touch with family and friends that we never would had the time – or often interest – to reach out to. How many grandkids would we have known about (not ours! Our high school and college friends’!) or seen photos of were it not for FB.

— how we can get a wealth of information and recommendations in a short time. I just put a FB post out for a surgeon recommendation and I got well wishes and many good referrals in a short time.

— how Pinterest makes “collecting” images so easy when we need them later on.

— how LinkedIn recommendations make us all sound like the BEST EMPLOYEE EVER!

What I don’t like about social media:

— Anyone else feel guilty about not keeping your info up-to-date? Or that your FB friends and acquaintances know more about your life than your non-computer-savvy next door neighbor?

— So much of it is a waste of time.

— I don’t remember who half the people are on LinkedIn or FB. There must have been some connection…

— I feel a little left out that I don’t tweet much or know what all those symbols mean.

I’m curious what other women think about today’s “Social Skills”. Comment and we’ll share. (I’d say “tweet me” but I forgot my password… oh – another downside!)

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