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Do We Have to Keep Getting “Skunked”?

My wonderful, klutzy dog, Buddy, got skunked again this week. Second time this year. The first event was pretty horrible – even he couldn’t stand his smell! You’d think he’d learn from his mistakes.


So as I was pretending I didn’t know him until the groomer returned my call, it got me thinking about “getting skunked” – about doing things that we should know better than to do.

How many times have you had that one + one extra glasses of wine? Have you bought those cowboy boots you didn’t need? And never wore? You made that irate phone call you should not have made?

Making choices

An important part of my week is my Weight Watchers meeting where we learn to make choices. The whole premise of WW is that you can eat anything you want — you just have to decide that the points for that food or drink are the best use of your points for that day. What a great way to think about what you do/eat/don’t do/etc. Sometimes that extra glass of wine is worth skipping dessert. Or dessert is worth two hours at the gym. The most important part of the whole exercise is knowing you have a choice. You are in control of your choices.

So as we move closer to Thanksgiving and the holidays and food and general excess, I plan to keep my options in front of me. And keep long AND short term gratification in mind. Instead of always going for the skunk (because that’s what I’ve always done), I’m going to make smarter choices.

Buddy, however, will always go for the skunk!

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