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Sharing some cool resources!

Last week we had a terrific LifeStyle Workshop and our participants asked if we would remind them of some of the cool new products we passed around. One of the fun things about the workshop is that you get to touch and feel things — and get immediate feedback. Plus everyone brings their own knowledge to the table. So let’s start out with something new that we learned:

Lisa Dodge is the daughter of a dentist – and has great teeth to prove it. But her dad has said to stay away from Teeth Whitening kits as they haven’t been tested for long-term harm to teeth enamel. She shared that Crest 3-D Toothpaste is better – use it 3 times a day and get whiter teeth. Worth a try. I’m still a fan of Crest Professional Effects 3-D White Whitestrips. They’ve improved the stickiness, so they really stay on for the 1/2 hour daily treatments. Thanks for the warning, Lisa!

Face Primers – LOVE these. I’ve used Smashbox for awhile (Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer) but L’Oreal just came out with Studio Secrets Primer (on sale for $9.99 this week at Target) and it’s great. These primers leave a soft, velvety base for your foundation or tinted moisturizer and decrease oil and shine. The best part is they fill in fine lines and imperfections! Yea! Remember as you age, lighten up on foundation and powder — use a tinted moisturizer or mineral-based powder — to stay away from the “cakey” look.

DuWop Revolotion SPF 15. Charla Krupp (of How Not to Look Old) gave me this and it’s pretty amazing. Yes, we can go bare-legged and not look awful. This is a bronzing body moisturizer that has a bit of shimmer to the finish. All natural and not orange! Really easy to apply and quite forgiving so you don’t look streaky! And it doesn’t smell awful like many leg creams. They offer a tanner as well. So far, I’ve only found it online at Sephora. But it’s pretty neat.

Vanishing Edge Panties from Soma (Division of Chico’s) that really don’t ride up. Get them at Chico’s Outlets in Aurora or Kenosha for a fraction of the price.

Speaking of underthings, don’t miss Flexees by Maidenform to control your midriff and tummy. Still comfortable and cool, they offer many different styles of tank tops, camis and more.

Now if only I could give the resource for Julie’s cute topper that everyone loves – and is ultra-flattering to any figure type. Keep your eyes open in the coat department for one of your own.

What are your favorite finds? Share them with a comment!

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Head to Toe


Clairol Root Touch-Up Kit I have been an apostle since these were first introduced! Easy and quick to use, this little color kit can keep you going for a month or two between expensive salon touch-ups. I figure Clairol’s saved me at least $2,000 in the last few years! (Though I DO get behind in my People magazines….)

Bangs Yes, they do make you look younger. Will I go crazy growing them out? TBD!


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Have you found that as you’ve gotten older, you rely more on foundation to even out your complexion? You don’t want a cake-y look or anything that “collects” in your fine wrinkles. So start with a Primer. Yes, I thought it was just another product to sell aging Boomer women, hungry for anything that helps. But this really works to smooth out the texture of your skin so your foundation goes on smoother. Plus it keeps your make-up looking fresh longer into the day. Try it at Sephora or other cosmetic counters before you buy.

Lauren Hutton Good Stuff A friend turned me on to this cosmetics line created specifically for “women with more of life’s experience” and it’s pretty cool. She’s packaged all you need in unique “face discs” so you can shlep all your cosmetics in one flat pack instead of a batch of bottles, etc. Her make-up is light, less color saturated and truly designed to flatter our faces. And it’s not at all expensive.


Flexees Maidenform’s version of Spanx offer camis and tanks that help restore your long-lost waist and flat tummy! Best part is they’re long enough (like to the bottom of your fanny) that they don’t creep up and suddenly add inches to your waist! Surprisingly cool for summer, I wear them under all my fitted t’s.

“Age Defying Lift” Yes! You’ll find it on many new bras including Vanity Fair and Soma (the intimates arm of Chico’s). Basically they’re padded cups. I certainly didn’t expect to see the day when I’d be shopping for padded cups, but they look great and bring the “girls” back up in the range where they’re supposed to be ( midway between your shoulders and your elbows).

Spanx Today’s girdle! But at least we don’t need to worry about garters holding up stockings any more. Whatever you want to hold in, push up or push in, Sara Blakely has a Spanx solution. And they’re so much more comfortable than the olden days!


Flex-Tastic Gel Toe Relaxers These are the goofy things you’ve seen in catalogs that you put between your toes to spread them out. Sort of like what they use for pedicures but much more drastic! And the darn things are pretty cool. They’re inspired by yoga and the benefits of stretching. They bring back flexibility and stability in your feet and help straighten out problem toes. I got mine at Target for about $7. Worth it!

Finn Comfort Expensive but truly the most comfortable shoes ever. And some of them aren’t too ugly.

Naturalizer I’m a long time fan, but was delighted when the Chicago Tribune rated their heels more comfortable than many others. Try them. We’re too young to give up the occasional stylish heel.

Merrell Great affordable outdoor and casual shoes that began in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Orthotics Go to a runners’ shoe store and get your feet measured. Or a shoe store that specializes in great fit. (In Chicago it’s Waxberg’s Walk Shoppe in Niles.)

Special Needs for Special Women – Wigs, post-surgery bras & prostheses

Second Act.  One of the toughest parts of aging is how cancer hurts our sisters and ourselves. Here is a very welcoming resource for help. Second Act is the only accredited post-cancer surgery boutique in downtown Chicago that provides bras, wigs and advice to women living with cancer. Talk to Pattie Sheehan at her shop in Flourish Studios or go online.

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