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Boycott “Blue Monday” – January 19, 2010

Have you heard about “Blue Monday”? It’s a publicity-created date (sort of like Granparent’s Day by Hallmark) as a focus for a travel campaign. Slated as the first Monday in the last full week of January, it’s said to be chosen based on weather, amount of sunlight, distance between holidays, and when credit card bills from Christmas arrive. And it’s said to be the most depressing day of the year.

Now we can agree and drag ourselves around that day. Or we can revolt! So here are my suggestions for activities for this coming Monday. Feel free to use these or create your own.

  1. DISCO MUSIC. In the car, on your i-Pod at the gym, in your office or blasting through your house. Nothing changes your day like a little “YMCA”, “I Will Survive”, “Super Freak”, “Stayin’ Alive”, “Last Dance”, “Dancing Queen”, “Lady Marmalade” and “The Hustle”. Yes, dancing and singing along is required!
  1. DOG PARK. For total unabashed joy, watch pups play and tails wag. And bring a ball and some treats and you’ll have friends for life. Or at least until the treats are gone.
  1. CHEAP CANDY. What was your favorite candy as a kid? Share a bag or bar with your friends while remembering the fun. (Tootsie Rolls, candy buttons, wax lips and Turkish Taffy. It doesn’t get any better!)
  1. TOY STORE. Visit and play! Even better if you bring along a child. Treat yourself to the rhythmic motion of a Slinky or check out Barbie’s latest dreamhouse.
  1. LAUGH TIMES. Make a list of your “laugh til you can’t breathe” moments. Where were you? Who was there? Call them and get them laughing with you about that moment.
  1. SWING. Okay, that’s a little cold in the northern climes, so promise yourself you’ll find a swing in spring. Even thinking about the freedom of being airborne is exhilarating.
  1. FUNNY MOVIES. Choose one that makes you laugh out loud – “Young Frankenstein”, “Airplane” or “Wayne’s World” – or one that always makes you smile – “Pretty Woman”, “Up” or “Best in Show”. But rent a favorite and snuggle in with smiles.

Tell us what you’re doing on Monday to revolt against Blue Monday. Or, if you try any of these, let us know

Happiest Day of the Year? Friday, June 18, 2010. It’s the Friday closest to the start of summer. And I don’t think anyone needs ideas on how to celebrate this! Mark it on your calendar now!


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