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Julie is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International and a Certified Image Consultant with more than twenty years of experience. She’s managed recruiting, human resources and training for Fortune 500 companies which gives her great insight into coaching and giving advice.

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Change is in the air.

Have you noticed the days getting shorter and a touch of fall in the air? That’s nature’s signal for us to start our transition from flowing sundresses and sandals to sweaters and cords. Here’s how to make a gradual change, so you can still enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

Start by putting away your really hot weather clothes — tank tops, white eyelet blazer, white jeans, short shorts. Even if its 80 degrees you need to be done with your straw handbag and sundresses unless the sundress has some fall colors and you can wear a dark cardigan over it.

Think layers including cardigans, casual blazers, hoodies with long or ¾ sleeves. Get some fresh t-shirts in fall colors and a crisp, white, long sleeve shirt. Change from shorts to capris and get your jeans ready. Keep a cape or long sweater handy for cool mornings. A fall scarf can add some warmth.

Change your accessories to darker or trendy fall colors. The big colors are red/wine/burgundy and navy and the fashion color mustard. Change out of your summery shoes into a flat, pump or slingback or a work sandal with a little more substance.  Bags are sleeker and more classic than in past years, so you may want to invest in one fabulous bag.

For outerwear, leather is huge and perfect for fall! Or wear a wool coat in a shorter length or your trench with a scarf.

For make-up, skip hot pink or peach or lip gloss and try red, burgundy, or a color that is just a shade darker than your natural lips for a natural look. Go to your favorite make-up counter and have your colors “done” for fall and for a fresh look.

DON’T… wear boots yet or flip flops any more.

…wear thick knits or faux furs yet. You’ll be rushing the season

DO…wear layers that look put together like jeans, t-shirt, scarf and corduroy blazer. It’s cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. So you need layers in lighter weight fabrics.

…make a list of all the summer items or outfits you were missing in your wardrobe to use when you start shopping in April.

…try on your fall clothes and look at catalogues for inspiration.

…make a shopping list and shop now for transition clothes before all the transition pieces are replaced by heavy coats and chunky sweaters.

…remember you’ll get to wear these transition pieces again in spring

They May be Trends, But are They for You?

Fashion can be ruthless! We’re seeing several new looks, but not everyone should make them THEIR looks. This might help you make the decisions:

1. Shoes with bows. If you have a small to average foot, this  can work for you. Gives a classic black dress a kick with a bow on a pump and dresses up jeans on a flat.

2.  Chunky knits. Only for the freezing cold gal — not in menopause.  This look might also overpower a petite women.  Better to dress in layers to keep warm versus a heavy sweater.  It can be very cute over leggings with tall boots.  This is a trendy look, but if you already have enough “chunk” in your shape, pass.

3.  Animal prints. If you have warm tones to your skin buy the animal print with camels and browns.  If you cool tones buy the grey and black.  Add an animal flat to a pair of jeans. Add a bag to give any basic outfit a kick.  Buy a scarf, if you just want a little flair. But no more than ONE animal per outfit, please!

4.  Shearling Jackets. Besides a down coat, this is the warmest coat you can buy, And it is much more hip, flattering and worth every penny.

5.  Jewel tone velvets. Perfect classic for the holidays or a fancy occasion.

6. Camel Coats. Tired of your black coat? This is a perfect color for women with warm coloring.  For a red haired gal this is a must. All coats need a scarf to keep the collar clean and to stay warm, so invest in some you love.

7. Straight leg pants. Not to be confused with skinny pants! If you have a pair shape, straight legs can be a tough look to pull off.  If you have great legs this is the pant for you. Pears, stick with an always-flattering trouser or bootcut.

It’s my belief that all women can look their best. It’s my passion to help you achieve your best this Fall. With a little guidance, a beautiful Fall can be easy!

I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about wearing for Fall?  And, if you want help creating your list or shopping, give me a call at 708-829-8245.


By the way, I’ve just moved over to Nordstrom-Oakbrook. Come visit and I’ll shop the 3rd floor with you!

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What’s in YOUR closet for Spring?

Style by Julie Judd, Stylewise

If you’re like most women about this time of year, you’re seeing new fashions at stores and starting to think about what’s put away under the bed and in attics in anticipation for warm weather. But before you think you’re ready to shop, think about how you might shop smarter.

In my work as a stylist (or wardrobe/closet/clothes consultant), I’ve learned most women have no idea what’s in their closets or what they need for the upcoming season. I’ve also learned that I can really help. Here’s how:

Save Time

The most important way to save time is to shop with a list. I call it “shop with a purpose” because you’re going to go into stores knowing what to zero in on… clothes that complete your wardrobe.

When I do a “closet takeover” we identify what pieces would pull your wardrobe together and offer many outfit options. These go on the list. Other things that go on the list are special event needs like a dress for a wedding or party and pieces you identified the PREVIOUS season that you needed.

Shopping with a purpose lets you zoom in and out of stores, trying on clothes you know you need.

Style That Works

Don’t we all want to enhance or camouflage our bodies with clothes so we look our very best? But how do we know what works? There are many good books that give us suggestions. But books don’t give feedback – and I do. From your angle, it’s hard to know what to play up and play down. So I do that for you. Then give honest, realistic recommendations on what to look for to flatter.

I’ll steer you to – and from – the trends that work for you and the rest of your wardrobe. Instead of you buying a lot of unflattering but hip items, I might suggest a few contemporary accessories that update your look less aggressively.

Age Appropriate

Once we’ve discovered what’s right for your body type, we’ll talk about your lifestyle. As we age, our body types change (as if we haven’t noticed!) but we often don’t change what we buy. Jeans are still important, but no longer skinny. V-necks may flatter more than our old favorite turtlenecks. And I’ll be totally honest about styles that make you look dowdy or older!

Store Resources

Armed with your shopping list, I’ll take you to the stores where clothes are pulled and ready for you in the fitting room. Through a network of great salespeople , found through years of trial and error, I usually know where to find the best matches to the items on your list. And I know reliable tailors, as well.

Save Money

Of al the times I’ve been called to a client’s closet, I have never had to recommend a whole new wardrobe. We’ll shop in your closet first to make many outfits that look great on you and work for your lifestyle. We’ll identify a list of the things that can extend your wardrobe – items that really work with what you have – so you needn’t buy a lot. Plus when you have your shopping list, you’re not as tempted to visit sale racks and buy “mistakes” that will seldom be worn.

“What would Julie say?” becomes your mantra before buying. And, consequently you walk away from items that don’t work hard in your wardrobe. Or buy with confidence, knowing your purchase is a smart buy. The investment in stylist service can be one of the best purchases you can make.

It’s my belief that all woman can look their best. It’s my passion to help you achieve your best this spring, while making it so easy you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about wearing for Spring. And, if you want help creating your list or shopping, give me a call at 708-829-8245.

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Baby Steps to a Wardrobe Makeover

Style by Julie Judd, Stylewise

Always wanted a Wardrobe Makeover but not ready to say “good-bye” to the old and commit to the new? Try some of these baby steps that update your look without breaking the bank.

  1. Update your tailored, fitted shirts by wearing a tank top underneath and open the top and bottom buttons. This can make you look taller and thinner – and hipper.
  2. Take a boxy blazer to a tailor and have it fitted. At about $25-35, it’s a small price to keep a favorite jacket in your wardrobe.
  3. Add a cashmere wrap or pashmina to coats or v-neck sweaters. You’ll add color while keeping warm in drafty rooms or out in the cold.
  4. Buy a boot cut, dark wash, midrise jean. MUCH more flattering and can go dressy or casual. Great fitting jeans are a good investment that pays off year-round. Buy two pair and have them hemmed for flats and heels.
  5. Shorten a straight or A-line skirt to knee length – above, middle or just below, depending on your height. The taller you are, the longer the skirt. Wear with a tall boot or pump and tights. Most women look better in skirts than pants. Ask any man!!!
  6. Get fitted for a new bra. There are many new styles that are “age defying” and keep “the girls” up where they belong – midway between your shoulders and your elbows.
  7. Add a belt outside your top, sweater or blazer. Wear a skinny belt if you don’t have much space between your bust and waist (short-waisted). Wear a thick belt if you have space there (long-waisted). No matter what size you are, this updates your look for a small price and brings attention to your waist. If you have a thicker waist, wear the belt slung a little lower on your hips.
  8. Get rid of the sweats and Old Navy fleece. Instead chill or run errands in Activewear from your favorite running brands like Nike, Reebok, Puma or Addidas. Choose a running pant and matching jacket, then feel free to wear together or mix and match with your favorite jeans, hoodie and t-shirt.
  9. Replace a turtleneck with a v-neck sweater. Turtles can make you look heavy by visually broadening your shoulders and “stealing” your neck. And make you look older and unapproachable. The next time you reach for a turtleneck, compare it with a v-neck and see the difference for yourself. For warmth add a scarf.
  10. Replace your ankle length winter coat for a three-quarter fitted coat. Great sales are on now! And this look will continue. It’s a much neater look than a long coat you’ve dragged through snow and salt.

When you’re ready for the Wardrobe Makeover, call me (708-829-8245). Until then, try these baby steps. I’d love to hear your comments on how these work for you.


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