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Spring Fashion – What are you buying?

I just got the khaki wedge sandals I’ve been seeking for about 4 years. Julie Judd told me to wear these with skirts – so now I need the skirts – and self-tanner to go with.

What about you? What are you adding to your wardrobe this year?

What’s your favorite thing about spring clothes?

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My favorite thing… not having to wear so many clothes. Shed those boots and gloves! What’s yours?


What’s your favorite holiday hostess gift?

I don’t know where I picked it up the habit, but I seldom go to any function in someone’s home without a lovely hostess gift. Yes, wine or flowers are always fine. But I love to be creative and bring something that will knock their socks off. (Oops, it’s all about me…)

A few of my favorites are things of great taste. Yes, I will plug some of my favorite stores:
• Ten Thousand Villages has the CUTEST little mouse cheese cutter. He comes in a great box and is perfect to accompany a chunk of brie or taleggio from your favorite cheese shop.

• TTV again – their Reindeer Candy Dish is darling and is especially appreciated with holiday Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or other holiday chocolates.

• From your favorite Olive Oil store (in Oak Park, IL it’s Olive and Well) pick up a flavored olive oil and complementary balsamic vinegar. For the best salad dressing of the season, give Blood Orange EVOO and Cranberry White Pear balsamic. YUM! Or simply a bottle of a Gold Reserve winning EVOO will be appreciated.

So what’s your favorite hostess gift? Please share!

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