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Workshops and resources for women over 50

About Us

Mirror Image was created for women facing the issues of aging. From “Who am I?” after the kids are grown or husband has gone or career was outsourced to “Who is that lady in the mirror?” we are in a whole new world. For years the mid-life woman has been invisible and ignored by the fashion and culture world. We hope to move from invisibility to the power force we can be.

Imagine if mid-life women could channel the energy that goes into fretting about thinning eyebrows and feeling lousy about themselves into feeling positive, smart and empowered. We were the generation that changed the world in the 60s and 70s. Let’s do it again!


Chris Hauri, Mirror Image

Chris Hauri, Mirror Image

About Chris Hauri, Mirror Image
A few years ago, Chris Hauri realized she – and all her friends and associates – were getting older. Instead of lamenting the “strange lady in the mirror”, she left the world of marketing and started Mirror Image. Prior to this venture, Chris founded The Grand Group, a vibrant Creative Marketing agency, and worked at large and small marketing agencies in Chicago.

She has a BA in Communications from U of I-Urbana, has taught at several local universities and has taken classes in Gerontology. Chris holds an MA from DePaul University in Personal and Professional Effectiveness and is a certified trainer of William Bridges’ work in Transitions.

Julie Judd, StyleWise

Julie Judd, StyleWise

About Julie Judd, StyleWise
Julie is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International and a Certified Image Consultant with more than twenty years of experience. She’s managed recruiting, human resources and training for Fortune 500 companies which gives her great insight into coaching and giving advice.

Having worked in many different facets of the apparel industry since 1982, Julie has a keen sense of style and extensive knowledge of fashion trends. StyleWise provides a full suite of image services including wardrobe consultation and seasonal updates, skincare and make-up consultation, style and figure assessment, personal shopping and closet organization.

Liz Monroe-Cook

Liz Monroe-Cook

About Liz Monroe-Cook, Ph.D.

Liz Monroe-Cook is a consulting and clinical psychologist with a practice based in Chicago. She works with individuals, groups and organizations on many topics, from creativity and leadership to communication and personal development. She is committed to people’s abilities to not only solve problems but also to open up options and opportunities for their lives.

Her work includes Polarity Management®, teaching people to tap the power of seemingly opposite factors that are bound together, for example, activity and rest, head and heart. Through exploration of one’s values and fears, Polarity Management helps people achieve a robust, active and sustainable balance over time. Liz is a graduate of the PM Mastery Program.

She also helps people and groups affirm and expand their everyday creativity through the process taught at the annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) where she is a long-time leader and recipient of the Distinguished Leader Award. CPSI is “the place where brainstorming began,” and innumerable people and organizations have benefited from the deliberate creative thinking skills learned there.

Her long-term interest in women’s development and life stages began with her doctoral dissertation on gender role behavior. She has taken that understanding into her own life as professional, wife and mother. She is a hospice volunteer, strong supporter of the arts, avid reader and an advocate for the many gifts and opportunities of the “third third” of life.

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